Retrospect: LFW Spring/Summer 2020

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Storm Dennis was not the only thunder London experienced on Valentine weekend during Fashion Week. Designers brought out more than Londoners could handle. From Molly Goddard’s consistent attention-grabbing bath bomb tulle dresses to Burberry’s crystal veils off the front of the male models caps, this Spring’s London Fashion Week rained with fashion-forward styles.

Source: The New York Times

One designer we are loving and were standing in the storm for is Duro Olowu. He is acclaimed for his designs reflecting the art world, meeting the needs of his discerning and stylish clientele. This Spring Summer season Olowu showcased another art-world muse – Françoise Gilot. This 97-year old French painter, author and art critic, is a creative force in her own right. Her old sketches and vibrant impressions of India, Senegal, and Italy during the late ’70s and early ’80s period, inspired Olowu’s new collection. This season we experienced a wide variety of micro-stripe themes which collaged into flattering effect along bias-cut silk satin dresses and trench coats.

Olowu remains a master of mixed-media dressing, and London Fashion Week, Spring 2020, was no different. The array of excellent examples included a relaxed silk georgette frock tiered with several painterly floral layers and an apron shaped silhouette with double straps and pockets jutting out at the hip. This cut a figure so striking on the model, that the piece resembled a modernised portrait of a lady. Olowu, not only brings consistency in model race representation but also showers the runway with diversity, from his style and patterns to his inspirations and delivery.

Spring London Fashion week has come to an end, we await in eager anticipation to see what storm London Fashion Week will bring in September. Get your umbrellas ready in case this coming season is hailed with stones and sleeted silhouette. Though, do not forget, London Fashion Week is not predictable, so bring some shades for potential animated looks and models adorned in autumn vogue.

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