Setting the Quarantine Scene…with Fragrance

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So…we’re on day number way too long of quarantine. We’ve all seen the overwhelming amount of live videos on IG and the recommendations by every influencer’s influencer, and their cousin. Zara Hauls, Lockdown ultimate six-pack shred, how to fry your eggs better, how to wash your hands without getting water in the sink (?), what direction to brush/comb your hair. We get it.

But some intriguing things have come out of the fact that we’ve all been forced to stay home. We’ve all been pushed to manifest a new level of creativity in our daily routine. Also holding on to and appreciating our favorites more. From snacks to shows to skincare. And then there is the underrated mood-booster and tone setter: Fragrance.

The Bath House

During this lockdown, it dawned on me how much fragrances can change your mood. After all, God does say in Proverbs “Oil and perfume make the heart glad”. So it must be true. Fragrance is integral to setting the vibe of a room or even your whole day. Scents can easily transport you to a better time, season, moment or higher aspiration. For example, there’s the rich, deep woody oud scents that have you feeling like an affluent sheikh/sheikha (or the rich auntie/uncle always dressed correct, with money to give). You also have your enchanting, sultry spice notes for dinner dates. Then there’s the citrusy uplifting scents that have you feeling like you’re on a yacht in Monaco. Not forgetting the comforting values of vanilla or lavender.

We decided to ask some of our friends: industry game-changers, professionals, high-fashion style mavericks in our Jendaya circle which fragrances they’ve been setting their quarantine scene with. Are they sticking to the scents that kept them going pre-lockdown? Or have they found a newfound love for more minimal, calming smells….

“I’m loving Pomegranate Noir by Jo Malone. An actual home staple…It’s so fresh and full of character at the same time. It smells like luxury which inspires me to get work done! And Alaïa by Azzedine Alaïa, it’s so powdery and feminine and gives me the biggest female boss vibes. It’s my signature work scent that instantly puts me in a good mood, working from home is no different.”

Alexis, Investment Banking Associate

“I’ve been using very small [sprays] of Parfums De Marly’s Pegasus. Not too heavy on the nose y’know? Very light application though, like one spray after a shower!” 

Ashley, Lead Project Manager

Molton Brown Ylang Ylang home and linen mist (affordable and smells lovely). Candles are also a good way to incorporate fragrance into your living space. I like Diptyque Baies [scented candle and room spray]. 

I’m using the same fragrances as I did pre-lockdown…these are what I typically reach for…Byredo Oud Immortel is my favourite daily fragrance when I’m at home as I love warm, woody scents. Joe Malone Myrrh and Tonka Intense is my home go-to for the weekends as it’s also warm but slightly more feminine – a good match for a cozy night in with a glass of wine and my favourite movie!”

Jasmine, Entertainment Lawyer and Jendaya Contributor

“[At home] I burn Arabian Oud Mabthouth Special/use Majoon Mabthooth in a traditional mabkhara incense burner and wear a mix of Armani Prive Rose d’Arabie and Tom Ford Black Orchid. Normally I use Hermes Terre d’Hermes for day meetings or Gucci Guilty. But these are much lighter than my standard preference of middle eastern/woody notes.”

Shabazz, Legal Counsel and Founder

“My go to’s are True Grace Portobello Oud in both spray and diffuser. [Also] Tom Dixon True Elements Water & Air diffuser and candle.

I prefer lighter, more natural scents for being at home – I don’t use scents but may spray some Byredo Gyspy Water and maybe Blanche. When out I usually use much spicier scents…something like Byredo Black Saffron or Oud Immortel…maybe laced with Slow Dance. Love their hair perfumes also. And I use oils…Penghalions, Miller Harris, Christian Dior, Maison Francis Kurkdijan – I mix perfumes too so never just one.” 

Mariam, Founder  

Black Oudh by Rituals [home fragrance]…fresh but warm scent and makes me feel relaxed whilst I’m indoors. [Also] Halfeti by Penghalions…a very luxurious, dark, floral, long lasting scent. I don’t use it daily but on the days I wake up needing a boost…it’s my go to fragrance. Leaves me feeling good, confident and beautiful. Also gives me a sense of normalcy.”

Feyi, Change Management Analyst

“[Home scents] For work: Feel refreshed by Neom. For play: Taif Aoud by Roja
As it’s springtime I would normally reach for Mon Precieux Nectar by Guerlain or La Colle Noire by Dior. But I wear Chanel No. 5. whenever I’m missing my partner a little too much, it has sentimental value as he bought it for me just before quarantine.”

Esme, Writer

I’ve been burning a lot of candles…I recently bought the Diptyque 34 Boulevard candle. And Neom Bedtime Hero. My normal scents that I use still: Oud Ispahan – Dior. Also Kilian Voulez-Vous.”

Raifa, Lawyer and Podcaster

“I actually like natural air: fresh air flowing through the house. Since my pregnancy, perfume has made me nauseous!”

Grace, Investment Banking Executive Director

So there you have it folks, a full spectrum of honest responses. You can’t ever say we don’t put you unto new things!

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